Word From The Founders

"Only when I saw the Earth from space, in all its ineffable beauty and fragility, did I realize that humankind's most urgent task is to cherish and preserve it for future generations" said Sigmund Jahn, a German cosmonaut..

Inspired by his words, and thoroughly looking around, it came to our attention that the natural resources we are blessed with are being irresponsibly consumed and becoming scarce. Past and present generations have been and still are abusing these resources, thus polluting our environment, hence our Planet. (Read More..)

About Us

UltraSola Energy Ltd is a local supplier of sustainable 'green' products and technologies serving the African market. UltraSola Energy is a Ghanaian registered limited liability company operating out of its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. (Read More..)

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly strive for excellence in an environment that empowers our people focusing on their initiatives in innovation and creativity, while maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism, thus gaining the satisfaction of our clients.. (Read More..)

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